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    Teaching Philosophy

    I believe in the Socratic method of instruction.  Students should be able to think, talk, and write about not just the right answers, but why the answers are as they are.  Spoon-feeding students is not my philosophy.  Instead of immediately pointing out an error, I will first ask other students to look for and identify if there is an error at all, and if so how we could correct this.

    I believe in being personal, yet professional.  Connecting with students is one of my strong suits, and goes a long way in creating a successful semester.  Students arrive on time, engaged, and seem to enjoy classes.  I try to create an atmosphere that is inviting and welcoming, so that students feel as if they have just as much control over their learning and direction of the course as I do.

    I believe in the use of technology to facilitate the delivery of information and to aid students in exploring new possibilities of discovery.  Technology also has the ability to be abused by those who are less familiar with it, and it is our job as instructors to become just as fluent in these skills as our primary areas of study.  When used correctly, the use of technology opens doors and paths that we have yet to explore.